General Information

    The Building Inspector is responsible for building permit review and inspections. The Town of Akron has adopted the 2009 International Codes as amended. 

    Please call Town Hall at (970) 345-2624 to confirm permit requirements before starting any work. All plumbing and electrical permits are handled by the State of Colorado. A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) must be obtained before any building can be occupied.

    Akron Building Permit Application Form

      Building Permit

      • Any structure built, placed, or added on to within town limits, i.e. buildings, carports, fences, & etc. will first require completion of a building permit. This also applies to replacing fences and sidewalks.
      • Please submit a completed application to Town Hall prior to building. 
      • Building fees and use taxes are calculated based on construction cost and due at the same time of submission of application.
      • Applicants will be notified once their permit is reviewed and approved.
      • If any questions please contact Town Hall at (970) 345-2624.

      Mobile Homes

      • The placement or modification of any mobile home is only allowed in specific locations within Akron.
      • A building permit must be attained prior to any placement or modification.