The Town of Akron has partnered with the University Technical Assistance(UTA) Program at Colorado Center for Community Development (CCCD) at CU Denver to provide planning & design services to the Town of Akron, for the Akron Pond Revitalization Project. 

The Town of Akron is implementing a fishing pond, but is in need of some conceptual designs for the area outside of the pond footprint. This project is to help with building consensus on program & creating conceptual ideas for the Pond Site. Incorporating relevant ideas for additional outdoor recreational program opportunities at this property will help to better address the needs of the community. Improvements will also make the fishing pond a more successful addition to the community. In order to develop some plans we are in need of additional community input.

In order to develop some plans, the UTA requested input from the community. After releasing the survey both online & distributed in-person, they were pleased at the number of responses collected. Here is a statement from the UTA team:

“When we started the project, we were drawn to the town's relationship with the pond and recognized the value of public input from residents, so we released a community survey with questions curated to the town's interests. After releasing the survey both online and distributed in-person, we were thrilled to receive 278 responses!  We would like to thank the residents of Akron for taking our survey. The input has been very valuable during our design process and will greatly help us in developing the final Master Plan. We look forward to sharing our progress over the next few months!” - UTA Team

Click here to see results from the Akron Pond Revitalization Survey.

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