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Fireworks in Akron

Current Law on the Sale and Use of Fireworks Colorado law regulates the sale and use of fireworks.  (Section 12-28-101, et seq., C.R.S.)  It is illegal for a person to use fireworks, other than permissible fireworks, anywhere in the state. Firework professionals can be granted permits by a state or local government for performance displays in accordance with industry standards.

Permissible fireworks:

  • Permissible fireworks are non-explosive and are not intended to leave the ground. Specifically, they are small firework devices that produce audible or visual effects through combustion. 

The types of fireworks that are permissible in Colorado are:

  • Fountains, ground spinners, illuminating torches; dipped sticks and sparklers; toy propellants; trick noise makers; and tube devices. 
  • Permissible fireworks may not contain more than 50 milligrams of explosive composition. 

Illegal fireworks:

  • Fireworks that are always illegal to use in Colorado (except for public and professional displays) are: • firecrackers, rockets (including bottle rockets), roman candles, cherry bombs, mortars and similar items, such as M-80s.