What's that SIREN?

Siren Test

Every Monday at 6:00 PM you will hear a SIREN with a TONE that RAISES & FALLS. This is a TEST for the Akron Volunteer Fire Department (AVFD).

Fire / Accident Response:

  • When there is a FIRE or ACCIDENT within the area, the AVFD will respond. In this case, there will be a SIREN with the RISE/FALL TONE.


Tornado Watch:

  • Means there are conditions that COULD LEAD TO TORNADO ACTIVITY and there is NO SIREN.


Torando Warning:
  • Means there has been TORNADO ACTIVITY SPOTTED in the area and SIREN will be EXTRA LONG and HIGH TONE ONLY.
  • If there is a tornado forming or within the area, the Town of Akron will be placed under a tornado warning. The ISSUANCE of a TORNADO WARNING SIREN INDICATES that RESIDENTS should take IMMEDIATE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. Once the inclement weather has passed the ALL CLEAR call will be sounded. This tone will rise and fall like the normal siren on Monday evenings.