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History of Akron

Akron began as a small camp along the railroad, halfway between McCook and Denver. It became a settlement, and soon was named Akron by the wife of a train engineer. She was fond of the name Akron, based from her hometown in Ohio. The name came from a Greek word meaning “an elevation”. At the elevation of 4,662 feet, Akron is the highest point from Denver to Chicago along the BNSF Railway. As the county seat for Washington County, Akron has much to offer to both the residents and travelers passing through.

There are multiple food service options for every meal while you are in town. If you are in a hurry, there are two gas stations for snacks and fuel to get you down the road. South of town is the Akron Pond and Washington County Golf Club. Within town limits, Akron has three parks open year-round and one swimming pool that is open during the summer. The Akron Museum is open on Sundays in the summer from 2:00- 4:00 PM and has five different builds to explore and see the interesting history of the area.

The Akron School District is home to the mighty Rams. Grades K-12 are all in one building, which makes it easy to host school events that get every age group involved. A major feature of the school building is the field-house (sports complex) that measures just over 10,000 square feet. There are many extracurricular activities the Akron School offers to students to see them succeed in both athletics and academics. Organizations at the school are very involved with the community and vise versa. The community and the school work hard to supporting each other and promoting success for everyone.  

The Town of Akron is a statutory town located in Washington County at the intersection of State Highways 34 and 63.

The Town of Akron oversees and manages many elements within the Town of Akron.
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