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Official municipal law is enacted by the Town of Akron through the introduction & passage of ordinances. 

An ordinance serves as the most formal type of action a municipal governing body can take. Unless a special emergency exists an ordinance is read at two regular meetings of the Town Council. The ordinance cannot go into effect until after a second reading & approval by Town Council.

Ordinances will be codified within the Akron Municipal Code throughout the year. Below are the ordinances that have been recently read by the Akron Town Council & their status. These ordinances have NOT been codified to the Akron Municipal Code.

State Flower | Columbine

2021 Ordinances:


2020 Ordinances:

Ordinance 570:
Animal Licensing

Ordinance 569:
Feral Cat Disposition

Ordinance 568:
Election Code

Ordinance 567:
Dangerous Dogs

Ordinance 566:
Viaero Easement 

2019 Ordinances:

Ordinance 565:
Repeal &, Replace 7-3-3 Governing Parking on Residential Streets | Approved 12/9/19

Ordinance 564: 
Correction for Uniformity of Animal Units in CodeApproved 12/9/19

Ordinance 563:
Repeal & Replace 11-7-A Regulating Travel Trailer Parks | Approved 12/9/19

Ordinance 562: 
Establishing Build Requirements for Industrial Zoning | Approved 10/7/19

Ordinance 561: 
Amend Animal Special Permit Application | Approved 9/9/19

Ordinance 560: 
Westin Ridge Estate Disconnect | Approved 8/6/19

Ordinance 559:
Cross Connection & Back-flow Prevention Program | Approved 6/3/19

Ordinance 558:
Special Permit for Keeping Animals | Approved 5/6/19

Ordinance 557-Viaero:
Option Agreement for Permanent Easement | Approved 5/6/19

Ordinance 556:
MIP for nicotine products | Approved 4/1/19

Ordinance 555:
Smoke Free Parks | Approved 3/4/19

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